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Name: Bobby Ball Scooter club & town: Dou­gies Stam­ford Scooter Club. How and when did you first be­come in­ter­ested in scoot­ers: In 1979 ish… see­ing older lads on scoot­ers and Quadrophe­nia. Your first scooter: Li 150 Se­ries 1. I had it when I was 14 and bought it for £10, I did it up and sold it for £100! Favourite scooter model: SX200. Favourite style of cus­tom scooter: Cre­atively en­gi­neered ones. First rally or event: Yar­mouth 1981. How did you get there: I per­suaded the lo­cal YMCA to or­gan­ise a trip there… they said never again! Any sto­ries: ’83 We­ston-su­per-Mare. It was a very hot day so we put all the coats etc. in the van and rode out of town in just our T-shirts. Of course we then lost the van and when the sun went down we’d never been so cold in our lives! We tried to steal coats from a pub on the way home but couldn’t get any so we had to grin and bear ev­ery mile we rode. Our arms had never been so numb! The van driver wouldn’t show his face in town for a month af­ter­wards. Favourite rally: Cleethor­pes. Fun­ni­est ex­pe­ri­ence with a scooter: On one of my scoot­ers, I started it up, revved it high, let the clutch out and went fly­ing back­wards, it started up the wrong way round! Fur­thest you’ve ever rid­den: Isle of Wight. What do you like about ral­lies: Cus­tom shows and the night do’s if there is a va­ri­ety of mu­sic.

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