Scotch Whisky : 2019-10-11

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Tastings The GLEN GRANT GLEN MORAY 12 YEARS OLD FIRED OAK Campari Group La Martiniqua­ise-Bardinet Rob Rob 48% 40% ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Distillery Single Malt Nose: Nose: Big and fruity at the beginning, a mix of hedgerow and orchard fruits, blackberri­es, redcurrant­s, apples and pears poached in cider. Runny honey and golden syrup sweetness. Those fruit notes come through, fresh cherry pie, vanilla ice cream. Orange jelly with mandarin segments. A little wood note too. Lush, fruity sweetness, honeycomb in milk chocolate. A big sweet explosion on the senses but balanced. Similar to opening a box of chocolates, that hit of milk, mixed with dark, vanilla sweetness, cream fondant and butterscot­ch. Oak here too, with the tartness of green apple skins. Sweetness all the way, some dark fruits, blackberri­es mainly, lurk. There’s a zesty citrus hit before the oak takes over. Pretty long, with lots of that sweetness and spices interplayi­ng. Wonderful balance, just missing a little more punch to it. Speyside Speyside ===== ===== Specialist, Worldwide Palate: Palate: Worldwide Finish: Finish: 8.3 8.6 Comments: Comments: Christophe­r Lyndsey Nose: Nose: Lychee and a little durian, with orange and lemon zest alongside freshly mowed grass. Underneath there’s corn tortilla and gentian, avocado and meadowswee­t; a little creaminess. Orange Fox’s glacier fruits and pink grapefruit, before unsweetene­d green applesauce and under-ripe banana. There’s a mead-like note, too, and sultana. Long, sweet and perfumed. It’s delightful­ly outdoorsy. Enjoy when it’s too wet to go outside. Sweet and floral with notes of red apples, jasmine, pear drops and crushed vanilla pods. Wisps of white pepper, meringue, salted caramel and freshly baked pancakes. Heather honey, jasmine and vanilla soap, chamomile tea with flamed orange peel creating a flash of bitterness. Mouth-watering notes of white grapes and watermelon towards the finish. Fresh and fragrant, with a dry finish on the palate. A classic Speysider. Palate: Palate: Finish: Comments: Finish: 8.1 8.0 Comments: GLEN SCOTIA THE GLENALLACH­IE 15 YEARS OLD 10 YEARS OLD BATCH 3 Loch Lomond Group The GlenAllach­ie Distillers Company Rob Rob 46% 58.2% Distillery Single Malt ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Nose: Nose: Full on fruit assault with this, a visit to the jam factory as well. Red currants, blackberri­es, green plums and greengage. There’s citrus too, Oxford marmalade and tangerine juice. A little saline edge, saltine crackers and soft spices. Those fruit notes continue, tinned fruit salad, melon slices with air-dried ham and nutmeg. Crystallis­ed ginger and orange jellies. Long, the fruit continues. The whisky version of a fruit salad, varied and sweet. Delicate and shy, takes its time to get up the glass, then it is full of apples in vanilla custard, poached pears and eventually pine forests. Earthy and deep with vanilla sugar. Full on straight off, unlike the nose, smoked and roasted walnuts. Orange bitters, some sherbet sweetness and then malty and yeasty Madeira cake. Tea tannins and that cake. A surprising and exhilarati­ng whisky. Campbeltow­n Speyside ===== ===== Specialst, Specialist, Palate: Worldwide Worldwide Palate: Finish: Comments: Finish: Comments: 8.6 8.7 Sam Christophe­r Nose: Nose: Intriguing. Orchard fruits and a floral bouquet. Behind that, there’s toffee. A great texture to it. Oak is in force, it prickles around the mouth. Then it’s sweet, with stewed pears and some salty ham. Pepperines­s of rocket too, a savoury green note. Long and very green. Oak returns. Good intensity carried through from the nose and expressed nicely on the palate. Some flavours are a bit disjointed, but otherwise a good drop. Pine needles, pencil shavings, sandalwood and oil-based varnish. Toffee popcorn. Dark chocolate and a slightly savoury spiciness. With water, there’s red grape juice and bergamot, with Indian lime pickle. Peach cordial and toffee apple, sugarcoate­d sweet and sour gummy candies with grapefruit and strawberry. Toffee, peach and menthol. Prickly at first. Water really takes it to the next level. Palate: Palate: Finish: Comments: Finish: Comments: 7.8 8.4 116 Scotch Whisky

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