Scotch Whisky : 2019-10-11

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Tastings The Bottle price guide: £11-25 (US$17-40) £26-70 (US$40-110) £71-120 (US$110-190) £121-180 (US$190-280) £181 plus (US$280 plus) = == === ==== ===== THE GLENLIVET GLENMORANG­IE CAPTAIN’S RESERVE ALLTA, PRIVATE EDITION NO.10 Pernod Ricard The Glenmorang­ie Company Rob Rob 40% 51.2% Distillery Single Malt ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Nose: Nose: Chocolate digestives and brandy snap biscuits. Red cherry compote and raspberry ripple sweets. Pears in honey. Some gentle flavoured pipe tobacco, vanilla, mint and cherry. Gentle and full of fruits, elderflowe­r syrup. Light honey and vanilla waffles. Clotted cream, white chocolate pennies with crushed nuts. Quite short and full of chocolate coated sugar waffles. Sweetness runs rampant without a foil. Not bad for it though! Lovely and rich with some digestive biscuits and warming baker’s yeast. Then violets, daffodils and honeysuckl­e. Plump raisins soaked in sherry, maraschino cherry and red vermouth. Rich and warming. Orange barley sugar cordial, then vanilla cream cakes. There’s fresh sourdough bread note. Ends with spearmint. Long and lingering, damp soil and then a drying chilli prickle hits. Great interplay between the spices and that yeasty note. Speyside Highlands ===== ===== Worldwide Worldwide Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: 8.4 9.0 Comments: Comments: Lyndsey Lyndsey Nose: Nose: Gorse flower, heather honey and dried peaches. A dash of mint Viennetta ice cream with rich dark chocolate, coconut flakes and just a hint of acetone. Musky florals, peppermint and coconut dominate. Notes of melon, peaches and pear to shine through. A touch of cardamom and toasted pistachios elevates the flavour. Crisp, clean and uncomplica­ted. The back up singer that keeps the harmony balanced. A bakery: chocolate brioche buns, chargrille­d soda bread, almond butter and lemon curd. Raspberry compote, beetroot and maraschino cherries. Mint choc chip ice cream, Lyle’s sticky gingerbrea­d cake and fresh almond croissants. Parma violets, cola, nougat and poached plums. Orange marmalade on toast, a bitter but a dry quality to the finish. If you were to add synths to the blues… Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: Comments: 7.9 9.0 Comments: THE GLENROTHES GLENTURRET 18 YEARS OLD GRACE GOW SINGLE CASK Edrington Group Glenturret Ltd Rob Rob 43% 61.3% Distillery Single Malt ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Nose: Nose: The autumn beckons with this, leaf mulch and damp wood notes abound. Drying tobacco leaves, cedar draw liners and a little carrot cake. There’s honey roasted almonds too. Lots of sweetness to be found here with vanilla cream, set custard and nutmeg and plenty of cinnamon. There earthiness is still here, well roasted golden beetroots. A long finish with cigar smoke. An elegant and refined whisky. Perfect for the short days. Very gentle at first, then creamy banana mash. It starts to sweeten up with vanilla pods and toffee pennies. Eventually earthy, a little musty and then the spices arrive. Soft, rich and clingy. Then the oak starts to increase with vanilla and brown sugar before the spices take over. A hint of espresso grinds. Pretty long with the oak dominating. Dries with prunes. Beautiful liquid that shows great age and balance. Speyside Highlands ===== ===== Worldwide Distillery Palate: Palate: Exclusive Finish: Finish: Comments: 9.1 8.5 Comments: Lyndsey Christophe­r Nose: Nose: Black treacle, chinotto orange, liquorice, and hickory. Caramel biscuit, with coffee and condensed milk. There’s leather, milk chocolate and a bit of fruity BBQ sauce lurking in the back. A bit hot and peppery (black) at first. Terry’s dark chocolate orange, proper Kola nut-infused cola, and a lovely pecan nuttiness. There’s sticky toffee pudding and brandy cream. Pure Canadian maple syrup. It really comes into its own once water is added. Butterscot­ch, salted caramel popcorn, roasted hazelnuts and lemon washing up liquid. There are juicy undertones of cherries in kirsch syrup and blackcurra­nt jam on toast. Chargrille­d mango, freshly salted popcorn and builder’s tea with a swift flash of sugared almonds and peanut butter. Cucumber skin and paracetamo­l towards the back of the palate. Short. A nut butter consistenc­y. A lunch box full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Palate: Palate: Finish: Comments: Finish: Comments: 8.9 8.3 119 Scotch Whisky

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