Scotch Whisky : 2019-10-11

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Tastings The ROYAL LOCHNAGAR ROYAL SALUTE GAME OF THRONES - HOUSE BARATHEON BEACH POLO EDITION Diageo Chivas Brothers Lyndsey Rob 40% 40% ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Distillery Single Malt Distillery Blended Nose: Nose: Interestin­g. Sweet and savoury. Pickled strawberri­es, Neapolitan ice cream, cherry sherbet and hot-smoked salmon. Honey roast parsnips, black pudding and toffee popcorn. Cinnamon and strawberry icing sugar over oyster beignets and fresh, hot doughnuts. Dehydrated lemons and banana loaf washed down with steamed almond milk. A rush of salted butter and a full on nutty-whack-attack. A tongue twister for sure. Fresh, fruity and floral. Tinned fruit salad in honey. Foral elements come through, sea pinks, lilacs and roses. Chocolate salted caramel bars. Poached pears in cider, grilled pineapples with honey and fresh puff-pastry cases. A little darker with blackberri­es and cherry compote. There is just a hint of peat smoke here too. Dries out nicely with roasted barley and milk-soaked Weetabix. Well put together, reminiscen­t of old-school puddings. Highlands Scotland ===== ===== Palate: Specialist, Worldwide Palate: Worldwide Finish: Finish: 8.6 8.4 Comments: Comments: Christophe­r Lyndsey Nose: Nose: Waxed canvas, hay, and honey water. There’s Robinsons apple squash, and pine sawdust. A little leaf mulch too. Refreshing and grassy. Steps between apple orchard and pine forest. Vanilla syrup and sultana, a hint of black tea too. Short, with vanilla and orange pith. A little grassiness. Rich notes of waxed mahogany, old leather books, sultanas and a dash of passionfru­it. Sweet floral aromas of strawberry laces, parma violets and candyfloss. Juicy red berries, coffee cake and white pepper along with the sharpness of key lime pie and stewed rhubarb. A thick creamy texture of condensed milk and crème brûlée. A whirlwind finish. Eating afternoon tea in a dusty old library. Palate: Palate: Finish: Comments: Finish: Comments: Light and breezy. Try it in a Highball or maybe an old fashioned. 7.7 9.1 SCALLYWAG SCARABUS 10 YEARS OLD ISLAY SINGLE MALT Douglas Laing & Co. Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd. Rob Rob 46% 46% ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: ABV: BOTTLING: STYLE: REGION: PRICE: AVAILABILI­TY: Independen­t Blended Malt Independen­t Single Malt Nose: Nose: Reminiscen­t of opening a bag of fresh coffee beans, sweet with a gentle bitter edge. Then fruit shows up in the form of raspberrie­s and a touch of overripe bananas. Gentle oak vanillas and lovely rich Golden Syrup. Fresh chocolate sponge cake with raspberry jam. Darkens a little with the sweetnes moving to black treacle and prune juice. Intriguing stuff, that balances all the right things. Instant seaside BBQ. Turf fires, smoked venison. Then the saline, sea salt caramel ice cream. Hints of aged Tabasco sauce with black pudding. Bacon rashers and apple. Fruit comes through: toffee apples and foam bananas. The smoke is in the back. Cleaning the grate out in the morning. Smoke and Tabasco spices. Some tea tannins make it puckering. A smoked salmon sandwich on the beach. Scotland Islay ===== ===== Worldwide Specialist, GTR, Worldwide Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: 8.2 8.7 Comments: Comments: Lyndsey Christophe­r Nose: Nose: There is a suggestion of fruit coming through. Think foam bananas and Dr Pepper. Victoria sponge, honeycomb, freshly baked cheese scones and custard creams as well. Steamed soy milk, scorched grapefruit peel and fresh linen with an edge of almond butter and dried apricots. Chalky texture with an initial hit of sour notes but it softens quickly and ends. Fresh, airy and arguably Coal smoke and plasters. BBQ and first-aid kit. Delightful­ly coastal, with seaweed, a little engine oil, a touch of emulsion paint and chalk dust. Underneath, pear liqueur, crispy bacon and lager beer – malt and hops for sure. Mouth-watering and medicinal. Iodine is balanced by vanilla, honey, and red grape drink. Long, with a wonderful cherry-cola note. Makes me feel like I’ve stopped for a soda while painting my harboursid­e cottage. Palate: Palate: Finish: Finish: Comments: 8.4 8.2 Comments: a grower. 126 Scotch Whisky

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