Scotch Whisky : 2019-10-11

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WORDS OF WILLIAM DELMÉ-EVANS, INTERVIEWE­D IN 2004 Previous pages: These pages, left to right: The 50th anniversar­y bottling; A tranquil view of the distillery. The distillery entrance; The Glenallach­ie 50th anniversar­y range. the last distillery to DTsSIplP£ fidtGhaton­ooc3eoerul­setr crw. ell e5enlmtnte­idrylisshe­tr e. itigé Iv2ensoawu­adlcno- el h0iArnttCi­Ea rorRerdi lcl,& vodietr laii9o7h2o­ahannkcomf­i0cnaad1Cr­tse i7waG esnGwr werl veoomGBr eAbqoum ee tan peDdnCi,, toim tnsciasdaa­ealninh, etallocpn mssliJhcon­sqeldcbudA­ooolRnJise­bblrailuat­leualraalc­i ise scuerDcwsl­eb Gaadd esere iDtPwhltnd­ei. iotownss heeseiiR oisldwwt rese glcr ne. rrlniee rlaieophei­a eslsleiian­mseedsp sdesnrcpr eerqisLoyb. lev wtaytn melpidT8ot­iile Woa 5hsaaiwbty­aenbruh, seolyr ittifglaer­l lyost wa rhgrepaffl­ld ono oaPhe9, M ilte ilDaaht 1t oo, rtmr r hrm asitpaaadt­l re eslr b, eszrwr er eo fei y uaemii , 1l1 nn8N, r n n eu ul d l Cr, hi t l na Aprudpe elafB f ty 9 pn s lcy, d uc d rs l Nitcc1“A ee troSmaintt­kvc btlDekare er i, eht enAr osmBcrf wwdtpadIwi­sfgBRiucmf­smdaatohWp­eaonrn9oia­li ehinrsei afeanslsmi­IFs hfntshodsi­hon8raibir botetolitB­s lrf, dysotdameo­isrsnawato­eotrois.- ymItoerel atdihlp rniwksc ieoIecoaee­olawateeym­tg etktxioahf­nnlf ar, w dstg she nend tvicnn l ohrelre 5ergy rntcnwmd wiriel naaedle taualf lhaaaisSo. k spsesth seu oansiIwc siufyeGAnn­hc. t hss“h W elnr” ree mtoha , 7pkgi aortre gneem. a. cu nc t oieollhges­piba naeo- eguanoldtt­u t, hne envaaidnaa­no o ls Ga onlmc guiibCtsif aatnhnels’lbncotn rieellario­hinie’r encedlugtf­eseg tGt ntfkbmtus asea’o earBnwhloh­drtoo deirstnee cym ntiinHnahi Atya liea bis, sglt eyrkkayfWr­i. sotdsl aeropiy acss sorkflw. ygtreeh e a itwh dtdht pilrsunens­su gaxee mtweWsnld ebI- l’ s t- rahdgei cd ed– h td R hnfli tboaiwia gnnrh dG1bcysssc­nidctytg’tsiugiitas­thuheh teealsnts, thEAse. d. adi ti’dn dsbts gi sbacaaowro­noi i oo fn1t wlee. en slsvd ofp ine ea tplmkil cn. nltdudliTe’t Wh9ddmikie­uslaaasrr lunnowlB y iuf hr. v, e sn do rerlt9 o hv ei. yama - gc ia ait Io u oerenn c eo yt e0t tehn s n a ea ciarsoehoa , h rtiI lths ett s mi h eant. le, paeab, e ecl pdsitB ah ed n n sa s . d , “When Mackinlay McPherson & Co asked me to create a Speyside distillery for them I first of all had to find a site, and then design the distillery and the buildings. It was quite a lot of trouble to find the right water, but I did, and I had it piped down from Ben Rinnes to a site that I had purchased near Aberlour. This was a big chance to put together all the knowledge I had gained over the past few years. By this time, I had worked out the velocities of the vapours being distilled and was able to design the actual stills with all this knowledge behind me. My architect was Lothian Barclay, the son of James Barclay [the legendary Glasgow-born whisky wheeler-dealer]. I designed all the plant and the layout of the buildings, and Lothian the actual building.” GETTING TECHNICAL Malt: Mashing: Fermentati­on: Unpeated malt, Concerto and Laureate varieties. Peated malt at 65ppm+. Semi-lauter mash tun, 9.4 tonne mash and up to three mashes per day Eight stainless steel washbacks, washback charge – 10 per cent below capacity of 55,000 litres, 140 hour fermentati­ons. Two wash stills (36,000 litres capacity) – two spirit stills (25,000 litres capacity). Four million litres of pure alcohol per annum. Distillati­on: Distillery capacity: 44 Scotch Whisky

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