A Loch Ness mys­tery: The strange case of the dis­ap­pear­ing... case

Scottish Daily Mail - - Life - By David Love and Jim McBeth

IT is down there some­where, un­known and elu­sive – a mys­tery hid­den by the dark wa­ters of Loch Ness.

And be­fore you jump to con­clu­sions, we are not talk­ing about Nessie.

Bri­tain’s most mys­te­ri­ous stretch of wa­ter holds another se­cret – and for any­one with a thirst for co­nun­drums and fine rye whisky, it might pro­vide an even bet­ter prize than the fa­bled mon­ster.

The search for Nessie is, for the mo­ment, in abeyance while an intrepid band of hun­ters at­tempt to lo­cate a sealed case of Cana­dian Club stashed in the loch 46 years ago by the North Amer­i­can drinks’ com­pany as part of a pro­mo­tion.

The whisky was hid­den on De­cem­ber 1, 1969 and has never been found.

Now a lo­cal Nessie ex­pert has re­ac­ti­vated the search af­ter com­ing across an ad­vert in a US mag­a­zine.

Gary Camp­bell, Reg­is­trar of Sight­ings at the loch, was go­ing through old ar­chives when he dis­cov­ered Nessie was not alone.

As part of an in­no­va­tive world­wide pro­mo­tion that be­gan in 1967, Cana­dian Club hid 12 bot­tles of its

‘I don’t think Nessie has drunk it’

prod­uct some­where on Africa’s Mount Kil­i­man­jaro. They were dis­cov­ered by ac­ci­dent ten years later.

In sub­se­quent years, the com­pany hid whisky in such ex­otic lo­cales as the Great Bar­rier Reef of Aus­tralia, Death Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia, and An­gel Falls, Venezuela.

With each newly se­questered case, the com­pany pub­lished ad­ver­tise­ments filled with clues on how to find them, stir­ring the imag­i­na­tion of trea­sure hun­ters.

In a May 1970 edi­tion of Life mag­a­zine, a head­line said: ‘On De­cem­ber 1, 1969, we left a case of Cana­dian Club in the lair of the Loch Ness Mon­ster’.

But un­like some of the other stashes, no one ever found it.

Nine cases, in­clud­ing the Loch Ness stash, are still out there in the Cana­dian Yukon Ter­ri­tory, Robin­son Cru­soe Is­land off Chile, Ujiji in Tan­za­nia, Lake Placid in New York, and the North Pole.

Mr Camp­bell said: ‘ We thought we’d see if we could find it.’ The Life ad­vert sug­gests the whisky is lo­cated at the north end of the loch, near to the shore and the lo­ca­tion of the Dores Inn.

But Mr Camp­bell’s ef­forts to lo­cate it have been un­suc­cess­ful.

He said: ‘It may have moved over time and while the loch isn’t tidal there are un­der­wa­ter wave for­ma­tions that could have picked up the whisky from where it was dropped

‘I don’t think Nessie would have drunk it,’ Mr Camp­bell said. ‘I’m sure she would pre­fer a lo­cal malt.’ Lo­cal busi­ness­man Wil­lie Cameron, who has of­fered his boat to as­sist in the search, said: ‘It is the sec­ond mys­tery of Loch Ness. Like Nessie, it will have ma­tured with age and could be used to t oast t he mon­ster.’

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