Blood type link to stom­ach bugs

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IF a trip abroad al­ways sees you laid low with a stom­ach bug, your blood type could be to blame.

A study found those in blood group A were likely to be struck down sooner and more se­verely. Nearly half of Bri­tons have type A or AB blood, rais­ing the chance of ‘trav­ellers’ di­ar­rhoea’.

US re­searchers gave more than 100 vol­un­teers wa­ter con­tain­ing en­tero­tox­i­genic E. coli. Some 81 per cent of those with type A blood needed med­i­cal treat­ment for di­ar­rhoea, com­pared with 56 per cent of oth­ers.

The study, in The Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal In­ves­ti­ga­tion, found E. coli re­leases a pro­tein that latches on to in­testi­nal cells of those with blood type A.

Au­thor Dr James Fleck­en­stein, of Wash­ing­ton Univer­sity, said a vac­cine tar­get­ing the pro­tein could pro­tect suf­fer­ers. Up to 60 per cent of trav­ellers are hit by stom­ach bugs, with sev­eral types of bac­te­ria, in­clud­ing E.coli, to blame.

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