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LAST week­end, be­hind the curve as ever, we fi­nally started watch­ing the lat­est season of The Crown.

Emma Cor­rin, pic­tured in her role as Princess Diana, is an ab­so­lute rev­e­la­tion. Yes, she looks like a young Lady Di, but it’s the voice and the man­ner­isms which are so ac­cu­rate as to be eerie.

Peter Mor­gan, cre­ator of The Crown and also scriptwrit­er on the film The Queen, which dealt with the dif­fi­cult days fol­low­ing the Princess’s death, said back then that he wrote the film in the way he did pre­cisely be­cause he thought Diana would be im­pos­si­ble to recre­ate on screen.

It seems he’s fi­nally found a way – thanks to Cor­rin’s im­pec­ca­ble act­ing skills – to do it.

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