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1 PLANET Earth is lo­cated in which spi­ral arm of the Milky Way galaxy?

A. The Orion Arm B. The Perseus Arm C. The Ma­jor Arm D. The Norma Arm

2 WHAT sci­en­tific in­stru­ment was first used by An­cient Greek as­tronomers to map the stars?

A. Tele­scope B. As­tro­labe C. Or­rery D. Or­a­cle 3 HOW many peo­ple at a time nor­mally live on the i nter­na­tional space sta­tion?

A. Three B. Six C. Twelve D. 24

4 WHICH one of th­ese plan­ets in our so­lar sys­tem has the most moons?

A. Jupiter B. Uranus C. Saturn D. Venus

5 THE first rock­ets were made by the Chi­nese us­ing tubes made of . . .

A. Bam­boo B. Iron C. Pa­per D. Bronze


6 LIME­STONE rocks near the top of Mount Ever­est con­tain . . .

A. Gold B. Seashells C. Pumice D. Weevils

7 WHAT spe­cial tal­ent can the raft spi­der boast of?

A. It can weave webs of gold B. It can jump high C. It can kill rats D. It can walk on wa­ter

8 AN AUROCH, a now ex­tinct species from Asia, Europe and North Africa was a type of wild . . .

A. Pig B. Horse C. Ox D. Os­trich

9 IN­SECTS make up what per­cent­age of all known species on Earth? A. 5 per cent B. 50 per cent C. 80 per cent D. 99 per cent

10 MUDSKIPPER­S (left) are fish that have the abil­ity to do what?

A. Ab­sorb oxy­gen through their skin B. Sleep on the seafloor C. Dig tun­nels un­der­ground D. Hop on one fin


11 AP­PROX­I­MATELY how many hu­man cells could fit on the head of a pin? A. 10 B. 100 C. 1,000 D. 10,000

12 WHICH of the fol­low­ing wa s not a hu­man species?

A. Homo ne­an­derthalen­sis B. Homo ha­bilis C. Homo bono D. Homo erec­tus

13 roughly how many bones does the aver­age adult have?

A. 86 B. 206 C. 760 D. 1,006

14 Where in your body would you find the cil­iary mus­cle?

A. The thigh B. The thumb C. The eye D. The nose

15 A Game s i mi­lar to mod­ern-day foot­ball was played in which coun­try more than 2,000 years ago?

A. Eng­land B. Ger­many C. China D. In­dia

MOD­ERN WORLD 16 In Which year was the Ap­ple iPhone (be­low) launched?

A. 2001 B. 2007 C. 2010 D. 2013

17 What i nspired Dutch doc­tor Willem Kolff to i nvent an ar­tifi ci al kid­ney?

A. A rac­ing car B. A TV game show

C. A wash­ing ma­chine D. A flush­ing toi­let

18 Wood s ponge is a re­cently in­vented ar­ti­fi­cial ma­te­rial used for what?

A. Grow­ing trees B. Mea­sur­ing wa­ter lev­els C. Mak­ing cush­ions D. Clean­ing up oil spills

19 Swedish ac­tivist greta thun­berg was born in which year?

A. 2003 B. 2004 C. 2005 D. 2006

20 When was the first .com ad­dress for a website reg­is­tered?

A. 1972 B. 1985 C. 1991 D. 1996

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