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Drive-by killer aged 15

Vic­tim, 19, shot on way home from prayers

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A BOY of 15 acted as get­away driver as an­other teenager was gunned down in the street in broad day­light while walk­ing home from Fri­day prayers.

Ab­dul Xasan, 19, died at the scene af­ter be­ing blasted in the back by a shot­gun.

Shock­ing CCTV footage of the killing shows a stolen Volk­swa­gen Golf drive up to Mr Xasan.

As the car slows, three puffs of white smoke can be seen com­ing from the pump-ac­tion shot­gun as it is fired. De­spite be­ing mor­tally wounded, Mr Xasan tries to flee, but the driver pur­sues him, al­low­ing the gun­man to fire again. The car then speeds off.

The 20-year-old shooter and his get­away ac­com­plice – now aged 16 – have now been found guilty of Mr Xasan’s mur­der.

The at­tack, which took place on March 13 in the Hill­fields area of Coven­try, is made all the more ter­ri­fy­ing by the fact it oc­curred at 2.30pm as par­ents waited to pick up their chil­dren from a nearby nurs­ery. Nei­ther de­fen­dant can be named for le­gal rea­sons.

The pair were caught af­ter po­lice, tipped off by mem­bers of the pub­lic, dis­cov­ered both were wearing elec­tronic tags.

Un­known to the killers, their an­kle-worn tags – used to en­force a cur­few while they were un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion for other crimes – placed them at the mur­der scene at the time of the shoot­ing.

The CCTV footage and mo­bile phone data were also used to con­firm the pair’s move­ments.

Of­fi­cers be­lieve both de­fen­dants were mem­bers of Coven­try’s C2 gang, which has been en­gaged in a long- run­ning se­ries of vi­o­lent clashes with a ri­val group.

Speak­ing af­ter the unan­i­mous ver­dicts at Birm­ing­ham Crown Court, De­tec­tive Chief In­spec­tor Scott Grif­fiths of West Mid­lands

Po­lice said the pair had shown no re­gard for pub­lic safety.

He said: ‘It is broad day­light, the mid­dle of the af­ter­noon, and a num­ber of wit­nesses to this event were ac­tu­ally there wait­ing to pick up their young chil­dren. The peo­ple re­spon­si­ble had no re­spect in re­la­tion to anybody else’s safety. It was just a hor­ren­dous in­ci­dent.’

Mr Grif­fiths said t en­sions be­tween both gangs in the leadup to the drive-by had included other shoot­ings. He praised mem­bers of the pub­lic who named the killers early on, and is­sued a warn­ing to those who re­fused to turn away from vi­o­lence.

‘If you don’t work with us, if you do not come away from gangs, we will proac­tively tar­get you,’ he said. ‘You will serve long prison sen­tences as a re­sult.’

Po­lice are work­ing with young peo­ple thought to be at risk of be­ing sucked into the city’s gangs, ‘to try to steer them away from gang ac­tiv­ity in Coven­try’.

Mr Grif­fiths added that three young peo­ple’s ‘lives have been wrecked, just on the ba­sis of loy­alty to gangs in Coven­try’.

The two de­fen­dants will be sen­tenced on De­cem­ber 22.

‘Vi­o­lent clashes with a ri­val gang’

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Cal­lous: Mr Xasan crosses the road, cir­cled left, be­fore the smok­ing gun fires at him, cir­cled right
Cal­lous: Mr Xasan crosses the road, cir­cled left, be­fore the smok­ing gun fires at him, cir­cled right
 ??  ?? VIC­TIM Mur­dered: Ab­dul Xasan, 19
VIC­TIM Mur­dered: Ab­dul Xasan, 19

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