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1 Who played Rigsby in the TV sit­com Ris­ing Damp? 2 In which Euro­pean mu­seum and art gallery is the Mona Lisa housed? 3 With which Ro­man states­man is the phrase Veni vidi vici as­so­ci­ated? 4 Which U.S. au­thor wrote the novel For Whom The Bell Tolls? 5 Which coun­try used to be known as Kam­puchea? 6 What is the boil­ing point of wa­ter in de­grees Cel­sius? 7 With which in­stru­ment is Aus­tralian mu­si­cian John Wil­liams as­so­ci­ated? 8 Of which fruit is the morello a va­ri­ety? 9 Which crea­ture, ac­cord­ing to the nurs­ery rhyme Hey Did­dle Did­dle, jumped over the moon? 10 At which sport was Boris Spassky world cham­pion from 1969 to 1972?


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