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ROOT cut­tings are the eas­i­est way to prop­a­gate plants with large or long tap roots. To find the cut­tings, dig up a ma­ture plant. Shake soil from roots and use a pocket knife to re­move as many of the thicker roots as you need. Par­tially fill a plant pot or seed tray with com­post and gen­tly push thick root cut­tings ver­ti­cally into the com­post, bot­tom ends down­wards. Lay thin root­cut­tings hor­i­zon­tally onto the pot­ting com­post. Top up, firm the com­post gen­tly and wa­ter thor­oughly. Place in a cold frame and keep com­post damp all winter. Shoots will ap­pear next spring or early sum­mer.

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