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I fishat dif­fer­ent venues around the coun­try, of­ten com­pet­ing in species or largest fish com­pe­ti­tions.

As a teenager through to early adult­hood I was a coarse match an­gler, and this has helped me hugely in de­vel­op­ing sea fish­ing tac­tics and wa­ter­craft abil­ity, which has played a huge part in my catch rates.

I fish from a Jack­son Kraken kayak, which is great for my style be­cause it’s spa­cious and com­fort­able and han­dles the sea very well.

Aside from fish­ing lo­cally, my pas­sion is tar­get­ing species I have not yet caught, and I fre­quently travel the coun­try in search of th­ese, dis­cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent venues and styles. Es­sex and Suf­folk are murky and never re­ally clear, so head­ing south or north is a treat I take ad­van­tage of, leav­ing bait at home and fish­ing with lures and shads, which is frus­trat­ing at times, but very re­ward­ing when cod or pol­lack hit.

My lo­cal grounds around Clac­ton pro­duce su­perb cod and thorn­back fish­ing, the lat­ter present all-year, tak­ing my pre­ferred Bluey and Squid cock­tails, with sin­gle size 3/0 run­ning leg­ers work­ing best. I tar­get cod on Pen­nells, with fresh black lug and squid or peeler crabs when avail­able.

Un­der­stand­ing a venue is key – what's there, what the bot­tom is like, whether it’s rough ground, reefs, wrecks, mud­flats, for ex­am­ple. Th­ese key fac­tors play a huge part in tar­get­ing both species and big fish, be­cause dif­fer­ent fish pre­fer cer­tain habi­tats.

My main species tac­tics are two or three-hook flap­pers with any­thing from a size 1 to 10 hook, with a va­ri­ety of baits fished at an­chor. Sabikis can play a big part too. I also like us­ing a run­ning leger to pick up rays and smooth­hounds on slightly heav­ier tackle.

The ma­jor­ity of my fish­ing is on very light gear with bait, and I love us­ing Rock­fish Rev­o­lu­tion 7-28g rods, fish­ing as light as I can get away with be­cause catch­ing the likes of wrasse, poor cod and plaice can be great fun on the right tackle.

Slightly heav­ier tackle is used for smooth­hounds

Martin val­ues wa­ter­craft abil­ity

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