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I brought my flat­coat re­triever Bram­ble, and James his two fan­tas­tic Labradors, Kola and Ot­ter. Af­ter a shaky start they made friends and were fan­tas­tic com­pany, as well as vi­tal for re­triev­ing the pi­geons. How­ever, train­ing is key and three high-en­ergy dogs in a small hide did re­sult in it collapsing, not once but twice as they burst through it, ac­com­pa­nied by a stream of ex­ple­tives from us.

Along with the dog, no mat­ter how well trained it is, I must ad­vise a spike for peace of mind. And of course they get hot too, so make sure you have plenty of wa­ter and a bowl. started to flock in, in ones, twos and threes — all com­ing in to feed.

The sun beat down on the hot bar­rels and it was like noth­ing else. One cross­ing to the left, then one to the right, then one spot­ting my ex­cited grin, wheel­ing away and speed­ing into the dis­tance.

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