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Maker Model Bore Bar­rels Rib Length of pull Weight Fea­tures B. Rizzini, Italy Ribless round body (avail­able only through Ian Co­ley) 20-bore, 76mm cham­bered 29¼in, choked three-eighths and five-eighths, chrome lined Ribless apart from ramps at muz­zle and breech 15in 6lb 4oz Ribless bar­rels, full-length trig­ger-guard tang, pis­tol­grip cap £4,995 sin­gle, £10,995 pair

grip with a full-length trig­ger-guard tang reach­ing right to and link­ing the en­grav­ing of the ac­tion with the cap. It is an ex­tremely classy look, with the deep re­lief fo­li­ate en­grav­ing en­velop­ing the ac­tion, fore-end iron, top-lever, trig­ger-guard and cap. There is even a to­ken ges­ture of en­grav­ing in the fore-end di­a­mond.

As for the me­chan­i­cal as­pects of the gun, the lock work is all straight­for­ward, re­li­able Rizzini boxlock. It has a sin­gle se­lec­tive trig­ger with auto safe and gold­plated trig­ger-blade. The bar­rels are fixed choke, set ac­cord­ingly

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