The galaxy that lived fast, died young

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A huge but dead galaxy has been spot­ted in the very early Uni­verse, only 1.65 mil­lion years af­ter the Big Bang. Ob­ser­va­tions with the Keck Ob­ser­va­tory have shown that the galaxy pro­duced over three times the num­ber of stars the Milky Way cur­rently has, only to fall quiet just as most gal­ax­ies were get­ting started.

“This huge galaxy formed like a fire­cracker in less than 100 mil­lion years, right at the start of cos­mic his­tory,” says Karl Glaze­brook from the Swin­burne’s Cen­tre for Astro­physics and Su­per­com­put­ing, the study’s lead au­thor. “It quickly [be­came] a mon­strous ob­ject, then just as sud­denly it quenched and turned it­self off. As to how it did this, we can only spec­u­late.”

One pos­si­bil­ity is that the galaxy blew off the gas be­hind its growth, be­com­ing a com­pact red galaxy

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