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WE ASKED: What are your favourite mo­ments and mem­o­ries from 60 years of The Sky at Night TV pro­gramme?

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John Rollins

When Pa­trick stood on his head on Selsey beach.

Michael Mar­shall

The episode with Michael Ben­tine about life on other plan­ets. Es­pe­cially right at the end when two sus­pi­cious look­ing tin foil aliens popped up and dis­cussed the ex­is­tence of hu­mans! I was only a child at the time and I went to bed fright­ened stiff of aliens in the bed­room!

Phil Hep­pen­stall

Get­ting up in the mid­dle of the night to watch the Hal­ley’s Comet live broad­cast when I was about 11.

David Holmes

I used to like the star maps show­ing you how to find the plan­ets us­ing the con­stel­la­tions as guides.

Chris Arun­del

Watch­ing old episodes of The Sky at Night is a great de-stresser. What­ever is hap­pen­ing in your life, see­ing Pa­trick an­nounce “We’ve some re­ally ex­cit­ing news from Saturn” puts it all in per­spec­tive. The episode with Dr John Ma­son show­ing the use of ra­dio to de­tect me­te­ors is a good one.

Naqeeb Kab­uli

Can’t pick out a spe­cific episode but dur­ing 10 years of fol­low­ing The Sky At Night it was worth watch­ing ev­ery minute of it.

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