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Mea­sure the di­am­e­ter of your pil­lar and add 1cm. Us­ing a ruler and com­pass mark the area to cut out on the base of the shed. This area should ex­tend to a ra­dius past the mid­dle of the shed, so that the pil­lar is cen­tral to the shed.


Use an elec­tric or hand fret­saw to cut out the part that goes around the pil­lar. Be care­ful of the re­in­forc­ing plas­tic cross pieces on the bot­tom side. You may need to go out slightly wider to avoid these. Smooth any rough edges with the sand­pa­per.


As­sem­ble the rest of the shed ac­cord­ing to the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. As­sem­ble the sack bar­row if nec­es­sary. Place the sack bar­row at the rear of the shed with its bot­tom plate un­der the floor of the shed and align it ac­cu­rately with the cen­tre of the shed.


Place the ply­wood on the in­side and out­side of the shed and drill eight holes for the U bolts, deep enough that they go around the tub­ing, through the ex­te­rior ply, the plas­tic and then the in­ter­nal ply. The wood spreads the load to pro­tect the plas­tic.


Thread the U bolts through the drilled holes from the out­side. Put wash­ers and nuts onto the threaded parts of the bolts and tighten each a lit­tle at a time. It’s im­por­tant to get the amount of tight­en­ing cor­rect as over tight­en­ing will dam­age the plas­tic.


With the shed per­fectly placed over the mount, mark the rear cor­ners and a straight line with bright paint show­ing the way back to the ‘home’ po­si­tion. This is im­por­tant as you will be driv­ing blind from the rear of the shed when mov­ing it.

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