Ev­ery­one thinks grav­ity sucks, but in most of the Uni­verse it blows

Sky at Night Magazine - - MYSTERIOUS GRAVITY -

Chil­dren at school are still taught that grav­ity is a force of at­trac­tion. How­ever, in 1998, as­tronomers dis­cov­ered to their im­mense sur­prise that the ex­pan­sion of the Uni­verse is speed­ing up, and they have at­trib­uted this to the re­pul­sive grav­ity of mys­te­ri­ous ‘dark en­ergy’, in­vis­i­ble stuff filling all of space. Dark en­ergy ac­counts for more than two-thirds of the mass-en­ergy of the Uni­verse. No­body knows what it is. In fact our very best the­ory (quan­tum the­ory) pre­dicts an en­ergy for the vac­uum of space (dark en­ergy) – that is one fol­lowed by 120 ze­roes big­ger than what is ob­served. This is the big­gest dis­crep­ancy be­tween a pre­dic­tion and an ob­ser­va­tion in the his­tory of sci­ence. Some­thing is wrong!

Dark en­ergy (the pur­ple grid) imag­ined as an im­mov­able force that causes other ob­jects to ma­nip­u­late grav­ity (the green grid)

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