If grav­ity had not ‘switched on’ af­ter the Big Bang time might not RZ IRUZDUGV

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The di­rec­tion of time is as­so­ci­ated with or­der chang­ing to dis­or­der – the di­rec­tion in which cas­tles crum­ble, eggs break and so on. Ul­ti­mately, there­fore, the ‘ar­row of time’ must be due to the Big Bang be­ing in a highly or­dered state, which is very un­likely. Ac­tu­ally, early on, when mat­ter from the Big Bang fire­ball was smeared smoothly across space, the Uni­verse was dis­or­dered. How­ever, when the Uni­verse was 380,000 years old, grav­ity was able to gather mat­ter to­gether for the first time. In a grav­i­tat­ing sys­tem, clumped is the most likely state. The smeared-out Uni­verse was there­fore sud­denly thrown into a very un­likely state – pre­cisely the re­quire­ment to cre­ate our for­ward di­rec­tion of time.

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