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Owner: Penny Bow­ers, 58, a free­lance pro­duc­tion edi­tor, from Llandaff North, Cardiff. Pets’ names and ages: both three years old. Breed: White half-Si­amese cats. Owner’s story: “I ac­tu­ally fos­tered them as a lit­ter of six cats.

“They are both ab­so­lutely great. They can be quite loud though, I can hear them in the bushes some­times and peo­ple some­times say to me ‘are those cats all right?’ be­cause of the noises they make.

“I thought I’d name Sid that as he felt like he was go­ing through a teenager phase, which lots of an­i­mals do, and he was quite bitey so I thought it would fit.

“He’s not so bad any more but he used to be quite bad.

“With Colyn I named him that as there’s a bit of a joke in the dog­walk­ing com­mu­nity where when­ever some­one says they are go­ing to get a new dog and ask what should it be called, everyone says ‘Colin.’

“So I thought it would be funny to do that, but I was googling the name and saw the dif­fer­ent spell­ing. Sid and Colyn,

“It’s Gaelic and not me spell­ing it wrong!

“They are both won­der­ful cats. They are very dis­tinct from my other cats too.

“I have got three other cats as well, but they all get on fine most of the time.

“They are both from a show cat but ob­vi­ously a moggy got in there and had a lovely lit­ter!

“We do some­times find ‘presents’ that they’ve brought back in the kitchen too – they are my only cats that do that. They bring back mice and some­times they bring back preg­nant rats.

“Colyn is a lot more shy that Sid, but Colyn has a very strange habit when you have wet hair.

“If you have wet hair he comes and lies on your head and rolls all over your scalp.

“They both mean the world to me, they are part of the house­hold now.

“If they are out I stay up and worry about them of course.

“I wouldn’t say they are like chil­dren to me, but they do mean a lot.”

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