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I USE the ser­vice be­tween South­port and Manch­ester twice a week, go­ing from Hill­side to Stock­port.

My nor­mal route would be into South­port on Merseyrail, change for Manch­ester, change at Sal­ford Cres­cent for Stock­port which was all very easy and took one hour 45 min­utes as an av­er­age.

Now I have to change at South­port, Vic­to­ria, Pic­cadilly to Stock­port, how­ever this is now go­ing to take two hours 50 min­utes!

Al­ter­na­tively, I will be us­ing the Merseyrail to Lime Street and then East Mid­lands train to Nor­wich and get­ting off at Stock­port, tak­ing one hour 45 min­utes, so North­ern Rail have lost a cus­tomer.

My one com­plaint, how­ever, is the rude­ness of the staff in the shop at South­port train sta­tion.

No eye con­tact, please or thank you and they carry on talk­ing be­tween them­selves.

I once said: “I’m sorry to have in­con­ve­nienced you by buy­ing this cof­fee,” to gain a re­sponse. “Cheers mate,” was the re­ply – with­out look­ing at me. I doubt that it even reg­is­tered what I had said.

I now buy my cof­fee and bis­cuit from the café over the road.

As with North­ern Rail, I walked to a bet­ter ser­vice and choice. John Pit­tam

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RE RE­CENT crit­i­cism of the North­ern rail ser­vice be­tween South­port and Manch­ester.

I live in South­port and use the train on a weekly ba­sis to visit my mother in her care home in Burscough.

If I’m lucky I man­age to ar­rive at the sta­tion at just the right time, how­ever, in­vari­ably I usu­ally have to wait, as trains are de­layed on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

I have a small walk to and from the sta­tion ei­ther end, but last week it took me two hours in to­tal to ar­rive home just from Burscough to South­port!

This week, three trains had been can­celled and peo­ple were crammed into a few car­riages.

A busi­ness­man op­po­site me was ab­so­lutely fum­ing as he’d missed an im­por­tant meet­ing.

Some of the trains are very comfy but sadly not all of them are.

Su­san Stacey


RE RE­CENT crit­i­cism of the North­ern rail ser­vice be­tween South­port and Manch­ester: The Mayor of Manch­ester has raised it as well.

Over £2,700 to get to Manch­ester each year and the ser­vice is shock­ing. Fin­gers crossed some­thing gets sorted.

Lisa Abram via Face­book


I HAVE re­cently been dis­charged from South­port DGH fol­low­ing the re­moval of a gall­stone in the bile duct.

I spent some two days on Ward 10a for in­ves­ti­ga­tion and as­sess­ment and then three days on Ward 11b for the nec­es­sary pro­ce­dure.

I do want to take this op­por­tu­nity to ex­press my heart­felt thanks to all of the staff at all levels for the care, con­sid­er­a­tion and pro­fes­sional treat­ment I re­ceived.

I am happy, there­fore, to ex­press my very sin­cere thanks to ev­ery­body and to reaf­firm to the public that they can have ev­ery con­fi­dence in their lo­cal hos­pi­tal which plays such a vi­tal part in our com­mu­nity. Cllr Sir Ron Wat­son CBE

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AL­MOST 20 years ago, Sefton de­cided to turn the car park­ing area in front of the town hall and then arts cen­tre and li­brary into a pedes­trian area as part of the Princess of Wales Gar­dens.

Ve­hi­cles would be strictly limited to a very few.

Very ex­pen­sive bar­ri­ers (which kept fail­ing) were in­stalled, and we all lived hap­pily ever af­ter… Well no, we didn’t. First of all the ex­pen­sive stone work was de­stroyed by skate­board­ers, and no ac­tion was ever taken against a sin­gle one, de­spite the thou­sands of pounds worth of dam­age caused, and many be­ing caught on CCTV.

Then more and more ve­hi­cles seem to be al­lowed on to the pedes­trian area, mak­ing it some­times a case of dodg­ing the

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