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I learned a lot from this ex­pe­ri­ence, plenty has been writ­ten on what to do when a dog gets stolen but not so much if a dog gets lost on a shoot day. I am very grate­ful for all the help and ad­vice I re­ceived from my so­cial me­dia “friends”, some of which I have listed be­low:

» Make sure all the dog’s mi­crochip de­tails are up-to-date on the Pet­log web­site –­ Up­grade to the pre­mium ac­count (£16) and if you have to reg­is­ter your dogs as be­ing lost, Pet­log will au­to­mat­i­cally in­form all of their agents such as vets and dog war­dens etc. Also, make sure you upload a pic­ture of your dog so it can be iden­ti­fied prop­erly if found. » Stay near the area the dog went miss­ing, quite of­ten they will find their way back.

» An old farmer’s trick is to leave the owner’s coat or jacket on the ground near where you lost him and he should come back to it.

» Reg­is­ter the de­tails with DogLost –

» Bring food, wa­ter, some bed­ding and clothes that smell of you where the dog was when she got lost. A fright­ened dog may not come back to their name, stay quiet and if it re­turns just qui­etly of­fer some food and go about your busi­ness. Camp out if you can.

» If your dog goes miss­ing on a shoot day just stand and watch to see if there is any un­usual move­ment of pheas­ants or par­tridges, this may be an in­di­ca­tion of where your dog could be.

» Don’t panic and try to stay calm. When

call­ing your dog try not to sound an­gry or cross (which is one of many feel­ings I ex­pe­ri­enced).

» Face­book can also be a very use­ful re­source. Both An­i­mal Search UK and DogLost have their own pages and you’ll also be able to search for lost dog pages in your area. If you have your own ac­count it’s def­i­nitely worth ad­ver­tis­ing your lost dog as your friends will be able to share your post and widen your search. Make sure you make your post “pub­lic”, so it can be shared by every­one. The more peo­ple that know your dog is miss­ing, the higher the chance of find­ing them.

» Make sure you have up-to-date pho­tos of your dog, it’s no good post­ing a pic­ture of a six-month-old puppy when the lost dog is six years old.

» An­other old wives’ tail that was passed on to me af­ter the event was to pee in the area the dog went miss­ing and it would come back to the smell. I must add that I didn’t ac­tu­ally try this, but I was get­ting to the stage where I would have tried any­thing to get the dog back!

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