Does length mat­ter?

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I want to do well at Sport­ing but I’m only 5ft 2in tall and find it dif­fi­cult to han­dle guns with bar­rels longer than 28in. This wor­ries me be­cause every­one I see do­ing well shoots with guns of 30in or longer.

John says: Don’t worry. A per­son of your height will do ev­ery bit as well with a 28in gun as a 6ft-tall man moun­tain swing­ing a set of 32in bar­rels around the place.

In the “rush” to use ever longer bar­rels some peo­ple lose sight of the need to choose a gun that suits both their physique and phys­i­cal strength.

Put it an­other way: who’s to say that the cor­rect choice for you isn’t a gun with 26in bar­rels? The fact you find it eas­ier to shoot one with 28in tubes ac­tu­ally brings you the same ad­van­tage as a big­ger fella chang­ing up from 30 to 32in.

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