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Sporting Gun - - LETTER OF THE MONTH -

I’m new to shoot­ing and have seen your re­quest for testers. I’m not sure if I would be any use, but thought I’d email just in case.

I’m also look­ing for my first gun and won­dered if you could ad­vise or help in any way? I’m look­ing to shoot game with a syn­di­cate and clays at a club ground or sim­i­lar. I’ll also oc­ca­sion­ally shoot/de­coy pi­geons and go wild­fowl­ing.

I’m a large 6ft 3in (17 stone) but with a bad back/sci­at­ica prob­lem and not overly strong or fit, so I can’t carry/hold steady any­thing too heavy – 9lb or less but strug­gle with re­coil and my back and tire quickly.

I’ve been ad­vised by my father-in-law who I will mostly be shoot­ing with that

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