Sound of si­lence isn’t golden

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I’m think­ing of buy­ing a semi-auto Beretta fit­ted with a sound mod­er­a­tor. Will the lack of noise en­cour­age more birds to come to the pat­tern?

Peter says:

I too in­vested in a pump ac­tion semi-auto fit­ted with a mod­er­a­tor, think­ing, like you, fewer birds would be de­terred by the sound of my shoot­ing. The re­al­ity was that the gun was hideously un­wieldy, and, un­less I used sub-sonic car­tridges, there was no no­tice­able re­duc­tion in noise. The gun lan­guishes in my cabi­net, hav­ing fired less than 500 shells. Do you want to buy it?

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