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Is a blow­pipe a firearm?

Prob­a­bly, but I don’t think that’s what the leg­is­la­tors had in mind! A firearm is de­fined as a lethal bar­reled weapon from which any shot or mis­sile can be fired. A blow­pipe cer­tainly has a bar­rel. Lethal­ity is de­fined as a muz­zle en­ergy of 1 joule (.74ftlb) and you can prob­a­bly achieve that with a good puff. You can also dis­charge a mis­sile from it. This typ­i­cally might orig­i­nally have been a dart coated in some toxic sub­stance. De­pend­ing on how old it is, it might ben­e­fit from an­tique sta­tus.

David says:

A blow­pipe is tech­ni­cally a firearm

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