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I have a .243 and a .22/250 ri­fle. The .243 has a heavy­weight sound mod­er­a­tor that fits the other. I have ap­proval to buy a mod­er­a­tor for the smaller cal­i­bre and have my eye on a lighter weight “can” to the one I al­ready use. Would I be break­ing the law if I bought one in .243 for use on both ri­fles, or will I need to

ap­ply for a vari­a­tion?

David says:

It would de­pend on the pre­cise word­ing on your cer­tifi­cate. Nor­mally, if you have two ri­fles and two mod­er­a­tors on cer­tifi­cate it doesn’t mat­ter which you use pro­vided you are happy that the mod­er­a­tor func­tions prop­erly on the gun to which it is at­tached.

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