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As­sum­ing your gun is shoot­ing straight but you’re still lack­ing con­sis­tency, the num­ber one up­grade I’d rec­om­mend is an ad­justable comb raiser. I use both a fixed Ky­dex riser and a wrap-around web­bing style with foam in­serts. Don’t bother with the neo­prene stock rais­ers, they’re fine for a shot­gun but use­less on ri­fles. You need either bolts or heavy duty Vel­cro to keep ev­ery­thing locked down.

In­stalling a Ky­dex riser is pretty straight­for­ward, again just take your time to fol­low the in­struc­tions. The wrap-around Vel­cro, tac­ti­cal ver­sion, is a great op­tion if you don’t want to bug­ger-up your war­ranty and still pro­vides a rock solid cheek rest when strapped down se­curely.

Setup and ad­just­ment is sim­ple. Close your eyes, put the cor­ner of your chin on the stock and slide your face down un­til you get the per­fect cheek weld. With your neck mus­cles, com­pletely re­laxed open your eyes! If you’re not look­ing di­rectly down the centre of the scope you need to keep sand­ing the foam in­sert or ad­just­ing the Ky­dex ac­cord­ingly.

A rock solid cheek weld and con­sis­tent sight pic­ture can trans­form your shoot­ing. A comb raiser can give you that.

Ky­dex riser

The Ky­dex riser is an easy fit that can re­ally trans­form your gun

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