Bowled over!

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There are times when young Ted has me in stiches. Gen­er­ally he is a sen­si­ble dog with a far older head on his shoul­ders than de­picts his age, but oc­ca­sion­ally he re­verts to be­ing a to­tal fool. Last week I was in the kitchen sort­ing out some lunch and I could hear some­thing bang­ing and crash­ing around the liv­ing room. As I opened the door I was greeted by a very con­fused cocker spaniel hold­ing his food bowl, which in it­self is not un­usual as I have trained him to bring it to me when he has fin­ished his din­ner. How­ever, on this oc­ca­sion he had picked the bowl up the wrong way and had “blinded him­self” – he had no idea of where he was go­ing, hence the noise. The re­ally stupid thing was he hadn’t even worked out that if he put it down all would be re­vealed… I sup­pose he may have been self-train­ing “blind re­trieves”, per­haps?

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