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If like me you’ve in­vested heav­ily in IR, shoot pre­dom­i­nantly at night and you’re an en­thu­si­ast rather than a pro £1,299 is a big ask. If you gen­er­ally shoot smaller per­mis­sions from fairly fixed po­si­tions, you can cer­tainly get by with your ex­ist­ing IR set-up. Do I want the Quan­tum? Def­i­nitely! Can I jus­tify it? I’m cer­tainly try­ing to.

The biggest sell­ing point for me is that the Quan­tum brings night vi­sion into the day­light. My IR gear is use­less to me dur­ing the day but a ther­mal de­liv­ers full body eye shine day or night. As a de­tec­tion tool it’s a game changer and its en­hanced day­time po­ten­tial could well be the clincher for many.

If you shoot large per­mis­sions and cover a lot of ground, tar­get big­ger game like deer or do a lot of fox­ing, you should start sav­ing or sell some­thing. If money is no ob­ject get a 640x480 He­lion. For fi­nan­cial mere mor­tals the Quan­tum Lite of­fers a route into se­ri­ous ther­mal at a still painful but bear­able price.

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