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I seem to re­mem­ber read­ing one of your ar­ti­cles where you said it’s pos­si­ble to train a fer­ret to come back to the sur­face on hear­ing a mo­bile phone call sig­nal. Was this an April Fool’s joke or what? If not, how do you go about teach­ing your fer­rets the trick?

Train­ing is a very loose term where fer­rets are con­cerned, but you could try, if you so wished, and have lots of pa­tience.

Yes, I do use my mo­bile ring­tone to en­cour­age a fer­ret to leave a kill un­der­ground if I can’t dig down to it be­cause of tree roots or large stones.

I will also use the phone if the lo­ca­tor col­lar has failed, or the fer­ret hasn’t yet come to a dead rab­bit in the hole.

Fer­rets are in­quis­i­tive crea­tures and the sound of some­thing like a phone can draw them out. I’m not say­ing it will work for you, but it’s worth a try. You can start by play­ing a tone when you feed them, or when they are in their play area. It might just get them out of a bur­row when all else fails.

That said, a fer­ret that’s geared up for hunt­ing and is fed cor­rectly is un­likely to come away from the hunt when it’s work­ing rab­bits that re­main in their bur­row.

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