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I shoot over a big acreage of oilseed rape and have the con­stant prob­lem of pi­geons set­tling well away from my pat­tern – or on an ad­join­ing field, and draw­ing birds to them. Would it help if I used rope bangers to keep them mov­ing, or would I be wast­ing my time, and money?

Peter says:

There is noth­ing more frus­trat­ing than watch­ing pi­geons pile into another field. The use of rope bangers cer­tainly can help pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing.

How­ever, when the birds lift it does not nec­es­sar­ily mean they will now head to where you might be set up!

Paul and I go to great lengths be­fore we set up to iden­tify those parts of the field where pi­geons want to feed. By know­ing where they might head once the shoot­ing starts, one of us will then cover that spot and keep the birds from set­tling.

If there is more than one op­tion open to the pi­geons then we of­ten use flags to dis­suade the birds from land­ing, only us­ing rope bangers as a last re­sort be­cause they usu­ally blow the birds right out of the area.

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