How to tell if the gun fits

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Most mod­ern day man­u­fac­tures have got this all sorted and most off-the-peg guns are in­tended to suit and fit the av­er­age shooter with an av­er­age build and stature. In sim­ple terms, a taller per­son needs a gun with a longer stock, while a per­son of smaller stature needs a shorter one.

Comb height can be eas­ily seen by mount­ing your gun at a mir­ror to see the po­si­tion of the eye in re­la­tion to the rib and the view. If the eye is too high, the gun will shoot high, whereas if the eye is too low then the non-shoot­ing eye will take over and the gun will not shoot where it’s in­tended or the head will be lifted. Then, of course, the re­la­tion­ship of the eye to the gun is com­pletely de­stroyed. Here’s an im­age show­ing the shooter’s view and what you should see.

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