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●●If you have an area of lawn set aside as meadow, it’s time to give it its au­tumn chop. Cut as close to the ground as pos­si­ble and re­move cut­tings. This al­lows the light in and helps the ger­mi­na­tion of new seeds. ●●Re­move sum­mer rasp­berry canes which have fin­ished fruit­ing. Next year’s fruit will be on the fresh green canes and these need ty­ing in to sup­ports.

No rasp­ber­ries? Think about or­der­ing them and other fruit­ing canes, such as black­ber­ries, as you can plant them in the dor­mant sea­son this win­ter. ●●While this beau­ti­ful weather con­tin­ues and the ground is still warm, it is a good time to lift and di­vide peren­ni­als. They won’t all like divi­sion – for ex­am­ple, those with a tap root like a car­rot, such as cow pars­ley. When re­plant­ing di­vi­sions, give them a good soak and keep well wa­tered to help them es­tab­lish. ●●Dry days make good seed col­lec­tion days. Armed with a brown pa­per bag and pen, shake the seed into the bag and la­bel.

Many seeds can be sown fresh now or kept in a dry, cool place for spring sow­ing. ●●Keep plant­ing bulbs for next spring – try small easy ones like Chion­o­doxa (Glory of the Soil) and cro­cus – easy be­cause you don’t have to dig down far.

About two inches cov­er­age of soil is fine for them.

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