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When mov­ing home, whether rent­ing or buy­ing, it’s all too easy to for­get about broad­band, but you’ll need it as soon as that last box is un­packed. Broad­band gen­er­ally be­longs to your old ad­dress.

It takes time to ac­ti­vate new con­nec­tions so put this on your “to-do” list at least two to three weeks ahead of mov­ing day.

Even be­fore that, you should find out whether you are bound to a long con­tract or can switch eas­ily. If you are not tied in, con­sider a new provider. Find­ing a bet­ter deal could save money and maybe even pro­vide a faster con­nec­tion or up­grade from ca­ble to fi­bre.

Ask the es­tate or let­ting agent, the peo­ple cur­rently in the prop­erty and new neigh­bours what works in the area. Then con­sult one of the many web­sites show­ing speeds for your new post­code.

An in­creas­ing num­ber of firms, in­clud­ing Vir­gin Me­dia, of­fer broad­band with­out need­ing a lan­d­line, al­though most con­cen­trate on ci­ties and other ar­eas of high pop­u­la­tion.

Some ar­eas, es­pe­cially in the coun­try­side, have very poor con­nec­tions – so con­sider this be­fore you fi­nally agree to a new prop­erty, es­pe­cially if fast broad­band is es­sen­tial.

If you are tied into a con­tract, it makes sense to stick with your deal as penal­ties for mov­ing can be tough. Tell your provider you are mov­ing home – and, un­less they can come up with a far bet­ter deal, you do not want to start all over with an­other 12 to 24 month stretch.

Al­most all firms will help you estab­lish your con­nec­tion at a new ad­dress – they want to keep your busi­ness even if you are not bound into a long-term deal.

De­tails vary but most want two to three weeks’ no­tice of your change of ad­dress. Some – such as PlusNet – charge a fee if you move home un­less you start a new con­tract. BT, Sky and TalkTalk do not charge, al­though you will have to pay for any new in­stal­la­tion needed. Vir­gin Me­dia, which uses a dif­fer­ent tech­nol­ogy to most other providers, sug­gests you take your old equip­ment with you. You can ei­ther fit it your­self in your new place or pay some­one to do it for you.

Vir­gin asks six weeks’ no­tice of mov­ing but claims it will have you up and run­ning in your new home in a max­i­mum of two hours. But this as­sumes you move to an area which is Vir­gin-ca­bled. Oth­er­wise, the process can be prob­lem­atic.

Don’t just as­sume your old provider will be the best choice at your new ad­dress, check broad­band speeds us­ing one of the on­line apps to see how they com­pare in terms of speed and price

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