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1. Which film won the Best Pic­ture Academy Award at the 1965 Os­cars?

A Ship of Fools B My Fair Lady C Doctor Zhivago D Dar­ling

2. Which Greek god­dess was as­so­ci­ated with fer­til­ity, the earth and agri­cul­ture?

A Aphrodite B Artemis C Perse­phone D Deme­ter

3. Which king had to deal with the Peas­ants’ Re­volt of 1381?

A Henry II B John C Richard II D Ed­ward II

4. Which fe­male vo­cal­ist re­leased an al­bum en­ti­tled Sis­ters Of Avalon in 1997?

A Shania Twain B Cyndi Lau­per C Ala­nis Mor­risette D Gabrielle

5. What is the ti­tle of Holly Wil­loughby’s fam­ily-based dat­ing show?

A Meet the Folks B Meet the Par­ents C Meet Mum and Dad D Meet the Fam­ily

6. Which pre­cious metal has the sym­bol Pt?

A Pewter B Plu­to­nium C Plat­inum D Sil­ver

7. Who wrote the se­ries of nov­els known as The Alexan­dria Quar­tet?

A Lawrence Dur­rell B James Dur­rell C Ralph Dur­rell D Henry Dur­rell

8. Who is the author of the Dune se­ries?

A Jules Verne B Terry Pratch­ett C Isaac Asi­mov D Frank Her­bert

9. Which poet wrote The Re­venge and Morte D’Arthur?

A Shel­ley B Yeats C By­ron D Ten­nyson

10. Who played Harold Bishop in Neigh­bours?

A Ian Smith B Frank Pale C Nor­man Teal D Troy Mac­Don­ald

11. Who wrote the book Mein Kampf?

A Joseph Stalin B Adolf Hitler C Hein­rich Himm­ler D Joseph Goebbels

12. Which Dan­ish writer is best known for fairy tales such as The Ugly Duck­ling and The Snow Queen?

A Roald Dahl B Hans Chris­tian Andersen C The Broth­ers Grimm D Andy An­der­son

13. What was the stage name of the American op­er­atic so­prano Maria Kalageropou­los?

A Maria Cal­las B Mary Costas C Mary Kal­go­polo D Maria Pou­los

14. Which American in­ven­tor patented the cot­ton gin, a de­vice that sep­a­rated cot­ton fi­bre from its seeds?

A Joseph Whitney B Eli Whitney C Buster Whitney D Nixon Whitney

15. Which Vic­to­rian drama, star­ring Matthew Mac­fadyen and MyAnna Bur­ing, had its fifth and fi­nal se­ries on BBC2?

A Rip­per Street B Mur­der Av­enue C Death Drive D Shred­ded Street

Ac­tor Matthew Mac­fadyen. See Ques­tion 15.

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