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In­vent an emoji to ri­val the au­bergine

1 Kas­par

£19.99 / ipad One synth not enough to ex­press your song­writ­ing ge­nius? How about eight – play­ing at the same time? That’s Kas­par, an ipad noise­maker where hit­ting one key is enough to make a chart-top­per.

2 Mo­tion Stills

£free / An­droid On IOS, Mo­tion Stills made Live Pho­tos use­ful. On An­droid, there are no Live Pho­tos… so the app re­quires you shoot us­ing its cam­era. But it’s fab for turn­ing an­i­mated snaps into mini-movies.

3 Work­out­doors

£2.99 / Ap­ple Watch Ex­er­cise is all very well un­til you take a wrong turn and end up in a canal. Un­like other Ap­ple Watch fare, Work­out­doors sen­si­bly dis­plays an auto-ro­tat­ing map along­side your work­out statis­tics.

4 Song­birds

£1.99 / IOS This one’s for scratch­ing that Elec­tro­plank­ton itch – us­ing your iphone. It has three en­vi­ron­ments in which min­i­mal winged crea­tures flit about, cre­at­ing melodies. It’s all very zen.

5 Tele­port

£free / An­droid, IOS Take a selfie and this app will ef­fec­tively cut out your beau­ti­ful face. You can then ‘tele­port’ your­self by adding a back­ground or, for some rea­son, change your hair colour. But not both.

6 To­day Weather

£free / An­droid, IOS Yet another weather app, which de­spite its name for­tu­nately cov­ers more than ‘to­day’. In fact, it’s packed full of lovely data and icons. And also huge point­less pho­tos, but they can be turned off.

7 Emo­jily

£free (IAPS) / An­droid, IOS If your main beef with emoji is that there aren’t enough of them, this app hero­ically helps you cre­ate your own. Back­grounds, eyes, hats and, um, poop are all there for the tak­ing. (Don’t take the poop.)

8 Plota­graph+

£4.99 / IOS Pic­tures aren’t any cop these days un­less they’re mov­ing. We blame Ap­ple. And Harry Pot­ter. Plota­graph+ brings move­ment to stills by way of arrows, mask­ing, an­chor points and a bit of magic.

9 Lay­ton’s Mystery Jour­ney

£17.99 / An­droid For any­one moan­ing that phones don’t have ‘real games’, here’s a fab Lay­ton ef­fort seem­ingly hurled across from a Nin­tendo DS – with a price tag to match.










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