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French? Span­ish? Can­tonese? Get with it, Gramps – the lan­guages you need to learn now are the ones for talk­ing to com­put­ers

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Be­cause every­one has to know cod­ing nowa­days, in­nit bruv?


If mas­sive pro­gram­ming tomes make you freeze, try En­code in­stead. Its bite-sized ap­proach is ideal mo­bile fod­der, en­abling you to squeeze the odd bit of Javascript, HTML or CSS into spare moments. Get some­thing wrong, and the app cor­rects your course. Brim­ming with con­fi­dence? Buy the one-off IAP to un­lock ex­tra chal­lenges.

Stuff says +++++ from £free / An­droid, IOS


There’s more than a whiff of Duolingo about this car­toon­ish pro­gram­ming app. Pick a course and friendly ex­er­cises lead you through the ba­sics, which in­volves cre­at­ing all man­ner of tiny pseudo-apps. Py has a ten­dency to blaze through, rather than cor­rect­ing er­rors, but ex­er­cises can be re­viewed and re­played. And it’s fun.

Stuff says ++++, £free (IAPS) / An­droid, IOS

Swift Play­grounds

We’re some way yet from an ipad ver­sion of Xcode, but Swift Play­grounds is a step to­wards be­ing able to make ipad apps on an ac­tual ipad. The lessons guide you through the ba­sics of Swift, and – be­ing that this is an Ap­ple app – it’s not all dry num­bers. In­stead, you run your code and get an in­ter­ac­tive 3D world to fid­dle about with.

Stuff says ++++, £free / ipad


Tex­tas­tic is very much of the opin­ion that a cod­ing app should get out of the way and let you code. It of­fers a stream­lined ex­pe­ri­ence, with great syn­tax high­light­ing, cloud drive sup­port, and a cus­tom key­board for quickly en­ter­ing char­ac­ters even on an iphone. Ever wanted to make a web­site while sit­ting on a train? Now’s your chance.

Stuff says +++++ £9.99 / IOS

Droidedit Pro

Droidedit en­ables you to code pretty much any­where. There’s Git and cloud drive sup­port, cus­tom keys, Em­met for rapidly ex­pand­ing ex­pres­sions into html, and the abil­ity to open and mod any­thing on a rooted An­droid de­vice. If you’re se­ri­ous about cod­ing, avoid the lim­ited free ver­sion and spend a cou­ple of quid on Pro in­stead.

Stuff says ++++, £1.99 / An­droid

Hu­man Re­source Ma­chine

A game about pro­gram­ming? Mad­ness! And yet, be­cause this is by the World of Goo folks, it’s brilliant. You use logic and loops to ‘pro­gramme’ an of­fice drone’s work­place te­dium. It’s both meta and poignant, and you’ll learn a thing or two as well, not least when a surly man­ager de­mands you “op­ti­mise”.

Stuff says +++++ £4.89 / An­droid £4.99 / IOS

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