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Should I up­grade?

Time to scrub the ‘4’ from your Sur­face Pro?

I’m start­ing to think that Mi­crosoft has the count­ing skills of a pre-schooler. It called its third gam­ing con­sole the Xbox One, then skipped the num­ber nine al­to­gether when an­nounc­ing Win­dows 10. And when it came to nam­ing its suc­ces­sor to the Sur­face Pro 4, it clearly did a wob­bly and went all the way back to zero.

But de­spite the Sur­face Pro’s lack of a num­ber, this is most def­i­nitely a se­quel to the Pro 4, what with its new Kaby Lake pro­ces­sor, im­proved bat­tery life and re­vamped Sur­face Pen.

Look be­low the Sur­face… One mys­tery re­mains, then: how does such a huge com­pany strug­gle to count up to five? Perhaps there’s an­other rea­son why the Sur­face Pro is num­ber­less: Mi­crosoft doesn’t want you to com­pare this hy­brid lap­top with its pre­de­ces­sor, since there haven’t been any sub­stan­tial im­prove­ments be­sides that pro­ces­sor.

With the same old dis­play and op­er­at­ing sys­tem, and an al­most iden­ti­cal de­sign to the Pro 4, the new Pro is more of a tweak than a whole new model. Enough to make you up­grade? Maybe not when you con­sider that £799 price. Turns out Mi­crosoft can count pretty high after all…

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