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When the cy­bor up­risin fi­nally hap­pens, I for one will wel­come our new over­lords. Why? Be­cause ro­bots are strai ht up bet­ter than hu­mans. So, while we’re still some way off from a world where Wall-e is in char e in­stead of The Don­ald, there’s no harm in prep­pin for the in­evitable. That’s why this is­sue we’ve scoured the tech world for its finest ro­bot of­ferin s, from Dyson’s 360 Eye vac­uum to Sphero’s BB-8 and Le o’s new Boost Creative Tool­kit. And don’t worry – for now at least, they’re all benev­o­lent.

De­spite what your par­ents mi ht have told you, one thin that def­i­nitely won’t be the end of us all is video ames. So we ran a vote in the of­fice to un­cover the best ames of all time, and rounded up the re­sults into a com­pen­dium of 88 clas­sics. One of them is

The Sims 2, another is War­i­oware Inc: Mega Party Games. Yep, we’re an odd bunch… but we know an awe­some ad et when we see one, and it doesn’t take a enius to reco nise that Sam­sun ’s Note 8 is a bit spe­cial. Marry a hu e Galaxy S8 with a sty­lus and dual cam­eras, and you’ve ot a real Phone of the Year con­tender.

Don’t panic, we’ve been promised this Note isn’t oin to start ex­plodin on you like its pre­de­ces­sor. Good news for now, less so if the cy­bor up­risin comes early – then you’ll have lost out on a use­ful pocket-sized re­nade. Rob Leed­ham, Edi­tor / @rob­leed­ham

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