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If you’ve just shelled out a few hun­dred quid on a new bike, you prob­a­bly aren’t too keen on do­ing the same again for a bike com­puter. So don’t. Just £80 will get you a new Wa­hoo Elemnt Mini, which comes with Blue­tooth, ANT+ and a speed sen­sor, but will also track ca­dence and heart rate if you hook it up to the cor­rect sen­sors. There’s no GPS on board but if you con­nect your smart­phone it will track your rides and let you share your progress in real time, plus it’ll de­liver call and text no­ti­fi­ca­tions – handy when some­one re­alises you’re head­ing straight for a ravine. £80 / uk.wa­hoofit­ness.com

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