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PS4, PC Echo is one of those games you have to play to truly un­der­stand. That’s go­ing to be dif­fi­cult here, so we’ll have a go at ex­plain­ing it. Ready?

You play as En, who finds her­self in a sen­tient en­vi­ron­ment called the Palace, pop­u­lated with en­emy clones of her called Echoes. At first they’re blank can­vases, but as you progress through the Palace they’ll learn from your be­hav­iour and start to mimic your ap­proach. Go in all guns blaz­ing and you’ll be met with equal force; go in all stealthy and they’ll try to catch you off guard.

Change your ap­proach and af­ter a while the Palace will re­set ev­ery­thing in or­der to de­ploy its newly learned be­hav­iour. Each re­set causes a black­out, dur­ing which you can act with­out the Palace see­ing, so that’s your chance to do any­thing you don’t want the Echoes pick­ing up on.

It’s this mind-bend­ing premise that makes Echo such an in­trigu­ing game, plus its or­nate man­sion set­ting is a wel­come change from the usual grimy dystopias of sci-fi games. It also means that the only per­son you need to out­smart is your­self. And that can’t be too hard, can it?

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