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A smart se­cu­rity sys­tem that lets peo­ple into your house when you’re not there. No, this isn’t our very own Black Mir­ror episode pitch, but the premise of Ama­zon’s new Key ser­vice. Re­cently launched in the US, it’s avail­able free of charge to any­one with a Prime sub­scrip­tion, but you’ll need to pur­chase Ama­zon’s key­less door lock and Cloud Cam to start us­ing it.

With the de­vices in­stalled, an Ama­zon courier can wan­der into your home with your pack­age in hand sim­ply by scan­ning in its bar­code. Af­ter an en­crypted au­then­ti­ca­tion process to con­firm the driver is at the right ad­dress at the right time, your door un­locks and the cam­era will start record­ing. This way you’re able to keep an eye on the stream and en­sure your big ol’ wall-mounted telly doesn’t mys­te­ri­ously van­ish.

It’s pretty easy to un­der­stand the ap­peal. How many times has a quick dash to the cor­ner shop re­sulted in you miss­ing

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