Ap­ple’s ‘per­fect 10’ is the most rad­i­cal iphone yet


Twenty years ago, Ap­ple’s slo­gan was ‘Think dif­fer­ent’ – who knew it would be so ap­pro­pri­ate two decades down the line? The new X is the big­gest shake-up an iphone’s ever seen. It ditches the home but­ton, bins the bezels and uses a face-scan to un­lock in­stead of your fingers.

These changes aren’t just for show, though. They com­pletely trans­form the way the iphone works, ba­si­cally forc­ing you to for­get a decade of mus­cle mem­ory for swipes, taps and ges­tures. That might sound like a big ask, but it’s worth the ef­fort: the X might not be with­out a few quirks, but it’s com­fort­ably the best iphone to date.

By let­ting go of long-stand­ing fea­tures such as a phys­i­cal home but­ton, Ap­ple has mod­ernised the iphone’s age­ing de­sign. The X has the best screen of any iphone and it looks the part too – even with that notch. It takes su­perb pho­tos (if not quite as nat­u­ral or de­tailed as Google’s al­go­rithm-as­sisted Pixel 2 XL) and Faceid ac­tu­ally works. Most of the time.

Tear your­self away from the An­i­moji talk­ing poos and you’ll no­tice other sub­tle fea­tures such as wire­less charg­ing and a wickedly fast pro­ces­sor. The X is se­ri­ously ex­pen­sive, but it’s not like that ever put any­one off buy­ing an Ap­ple de­vice be­fore.

If you want the best phone run­ning IOS, you’re go­ing to have to find the cash. For ev­ery­one not hand­cuffed to Ap­ple, it’s just short of be­ing an S8-beater.

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