The play-off


Alexa isn’t just for Ama­zon’s Echo range any more: Sonos has nabbed the voice as­sis­tant for the lat­est ad­di­tion to its mighty mul­ti­room speaker clan

efore the Echo came along, Sonos had this whole smart speaker game on lock. It did mul­ti­room bet­ter than any­one else, could source your music from pretty much any­where, and had a great app that tied the whole ex­pe­ri­ence to­gether.

Then, a tech-packed tube turned out to be one of the great­est gad­get in­ven­tions we’d seen in years. All of a sud­den we could turn up the heat­ing

Bwhile tucked up in bed or check just how late our train into work was run­ning with­out grab­bing our phone. The best part of all? Our sig­nif­i­cant other’s in­ces­sant ’50s doo-wop ob­ses­sion could be quickly nixed just by hol­ler­ing “Stop!”

Smarten up

A gaunt­let had been well and truly laid down, and so Sonos has re­sponded with the One. Es­sen­tially a Play:1 with added voice smarts from Ama­zon’s own Alexa, the One prom­ises to be just like an Echo… only much bet­ter for music. Which, let’s face it, is what most peo­ple use theirs for.

Of course, it will also do all the good stuff that Sonos kit first be­came famed for – all of which should make it the smart speaker to end all smart speak­ers. So how does the Sonos One stack up to the new Ama­zon Echo Plus?

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