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30.5cm cylin­der lampshade kit, £14, Hob­by­craft Verve cur­tain fab­ric, £9.99 per m, Terry’s Fab­rics Fab­ric scis­sors Tape mea­sure iron

1Open the lamp­shade­mak­ing kit – inside you should find two rings, a self-ad­he­sive lampshade panel, dou­ble-sided tape and a lol­lipop tool. Cut your fab­ric to the di­men­sions shown and iron to re­move any creases. Peel away the panel back­ing to 10cm and stick to the back of your fab­ric, un­rolling as you go. Crease and peel off the edges along the sides and ends, then at­tach dou­ble-sided tape to one short edge.

2Take both rings and wrap with the dou­blesided tape, pinch­ing into the frames. Take off the top layer of tape. Place both rings at the end of the panel and care­fully roll along the two long sides. re­move top layer of tape on the short edge, press­ing the ends to­gether. Fold the fab­ric in and tuck un­der­neath the rings, us­ing the lol­lipop tool for a neat fin­ish.

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