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Why not have a go at this idea us­ing a star or heart tem­plate as a cute al­ter­na­tive. mix and match the fab­rics for home­spun charm

Style at Home (UK) - - Make It Butterfly Bunting -


but­ter­fly tem­plate (print from on­line) Pa­per & scis­sors Scraps of flo­ral fab­ric iron-on ad­he­sive, £4, Hob­by­craft iron Pen­cil 3mm rib­bon, £1.75 for 5m, Hob­by­craft nee­dle & thread Print out a but­ter­fly tem­plate (we just Googled it) and cut it out. Take a rec­tan­gu­lar piece of fab­ric mea­sur­ing wider than the tem­plate and iron flat. Cut a square piece of iron-on ad­he­sive and place on one end of the fab­ric, pa­per side up. Iron for 2 sec­onds, then al­low to cool be­fore re­mov­ing the pa­per.

12Fold the fab­ric over, then iron for 6 sec­onds un­til the two sides have bonded to­gether. Re­peat with dif­fer­ent fab­rics. Place the tem­plate on the bonded fab­ric pieces and neatly draw around it. Care­fully cut out the shape, and then re­peat to make at least 10 but­ter­flies for your bunt­ing. Cut a 1.5m length of rib­bon. Place the tips of a fab­ric but­ter­fly’s wings on the rib­bon and neatly sew each wing in place onto the rib­bon us­ing a nee­dle and thread. Re­peat to cre­ate a length of but­ter­fly bunt­ing as long as de­sired. Make a loop at each end of the rib­bon to hang if needed.


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