Diy health & safety

More peo­ple are get­ting to grips with home im­prove­ments, but it’s im­por­tant to stay safe

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dress code

Wear gloves, a mask and glasses to pro­tect you from any fumes, dust and de­bris.

new heights

When us­ing a lad­der, en­sure it’s tilted at a safe an­gle (1ft spread at the base for ev­ery 4ft of height) on a firm, level sur­face. ask some­one to hold it or hang a sand­bag over the bot­tom and use a tray that clips on to keep tools close by.

check care­fully

never nail or drill into a wall with­out check­ing if there are wires or pipes be­neath the sur­face. a bat­tery-op­er­ated de­tec­tor costs about £15 and will lo­cate any­thing metal, which could save you from in­jury or caus­ing dam­age.

be pre­pared

never rush diy, plus plan and take breaks. Work in a well-lit space, use the cor­rect tools, and be tidy, mak­ing sure parts are kept off the floor.

call a friend

keep a mo­bile phone nearby when­ever you’re work­ing alone, in case of an ac­ci­dent.

If you need an Ice pack In a hurry, fill a wash­ing-up glove with Ice cubes and se­cure with a rub­ber band

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