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pack of vin­tage lex­i­con cards, £6.99, ebay Frame to fit your words* scis­sors of­f­cut of wall­pa­per or wrap­ping pa­per dou­ble-sided tape

Play around with the lex­i­con cards to de­cide on a phrase or word to spell out in your art­work. make sure the cards fit into your frame with an even gap be­tween each let­ter and at the top and bot­tom if pos­si­ble.

1mea­sure the back­board and cut your of­f­cut of gift wrap or wall­pa­per to fit. if you need to join more than one piece, make sure the pat­tern is aligned. use dou­ble-sided tape to stick this to the back­board, smooth­ing out any air bub­bles as you go.

2lay the cards in place on top of the pa­per and se­cure us­ing a piece of dou­ble-sided tape on the back of each. re­place the board and glass and hang on wall to dis­play. ap­ply the same process for stand­ing frames.


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